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JiNan Xinjuheng Auto Parts CO., LTD

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מוצרי בכירים

‏14.50 $ - ‏15.00 $/יחידה
20 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏95.00 $ - ‏98.00 $/יחידה
10 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏3.20 $ - ‏3.40 $/יחידה
1 יחידה(Min. Order)
‏26.20 $/יחידה
1 יחידה(Min. Order)


FAW parts
Foton Truck part
HOWO spare parts

Able To Demonstrate

corporate training
Company management participated in training courses organized by Alibaba.
Heavy truck factory
Our company is located in China's heavy truck production base, Jinan, Shandong. We can provide a series of accessories for CNHTC's production. Welcome to consult, order.
Company warehouse
Company warehouse products are heavy truck, Dongfeng, liberation, Fukuda, Auman, Shaanxi auto parts of various models.
Online credit record
Welcome everyone with Alibaba letter insure payment.

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Crystal Liu
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